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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing individual therapy to adults and adolescents in the North Portland, Oregon area.  I also have a secondary office in the Tualatin area if that is more accessible to you.

Education and Training:
I acquired my Masters of Social Work degree in 2000 and have been providing psychotherapy either full-time or part-time continuously since that point.  In 2004 I became licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in the state of Oregon and after 5 years of intensive postgraduate training, became certified as a Gestalt Therapist by the Gestalt Therapy Training Institute in Los Angeles.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am authorized to provide a full range of counseling and psychotherapy as well as assessment and diagnosis and the billing of insurance companies.  I have also provided clinical supervision to more than 10 post-graduate clinicians and am an Assistant Trainer with Gestalt Associates Training in Seattle.

Style of therapy: 
My therapy style is focused primarily on the present. I am not really an advice giver or a skills teacher so much as an expert in helping you to create the conditions for change.  Once we create those conditions for change, light bulbs tend to come on and people tend to recognize they have abilities and strengths that have lain dormant for some time.  In addition, I tend to alternate between the roles of comforter and provacateur -- at times just being quiet and present as you move forward and at other times, perhaps being surprisingly honest or directive toward new ideas. For a more exhaustive explanation of "Gestalt Therapy" via Wikipedia, click here. 

Unique specializations:

Alternative relationship styles such as polyamory, gender and sexual orientation concerns, kink, losing your religion, utilizing physical fitness to overcome depression and anxiety, couples therapy, burnout in the helping professions, utilizing humor in therapeutic healing. 




Personally, I enjoy Trailblazer games, fitness, comedy and great stories.

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